Skill Summary:

10+ years of experience in audio engineering and sound design, with work in broadcast television, music, and film; Proficient in Pro Tools, Logic, Peak and other DAW’s; Mac and PC OS capable; Experience with Wwise, FMOD and other Game Audio Middleware; Experience with analog audio engineering; 12+ years music theory knowledge and experience as arranger/musician

Work Experience:

2009-Present:    Audio Director, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

2008-2009:        Sound Designer. Blue Fang Games

2007-2008:        Audio Engineer, Clambake Animation

2007-Present:    Audio Engineering Instructor, Center for Digital Imaging Art of Boston University

2006- Present:   Audio Engineer, Curbside Recording, Mobile Multitracking

2006- 2006:       Audio Engineer, CNC Productions, Brighton, MA

2002-2005:        Audio Engineer, Third Story Recording, Philadelphia, PA

2004-2006:        Assistant Athletic Director, Educator George School, Newtown, PA

2003-2006:        ESL Teacher, The Fay School, Southborough, MA

Game, TV, and Film Credits:

2011                Slam Bolt Scrappers (Sound Designer, Firehose Games, PS3)

2011                A Closed World (Game Director, GAMBIT, Flash)

2010                Seer (Product Owner, GAMBIT, Flash)

2010                Yet One Word (Product Owner, GAMBIT, Flash)

2010                Tipping Point (Sound Designer, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                World of Zoo (Sound Designer, THQ, Wii, PC)

2009                Shadow Shoppe (Audio Supervisor, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                Waker/Woosh (Audio Supervisor, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                Abandon (Audio Supervisor, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                Dearth (Audio Supervisor, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                Pierre: Insanity Inspired (Audio Supervisor/Composer, GAMBIT, Flash)

2009                Camaquen  (Sound Designer/Composer, GAMBIT, Flash)

2008                Assy McGee #107-120 (Recordist/Sound Designer/Mixer)

2008                (In Production) Caeser Pilot (Recordist/Sound Designer/Mixer)

2008                Me Hungry Web Advertisement (Recordist/Sound Designer/Mixer)

2008                Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode in production (Recordist)

2007                Grand Slam Tennis Tours Ad. (Sound Designer/Mixer)

2007                The Habitable Planet

ep. #3            Oceans (Sound Designer/Mixer)

ep. #6            Risk, Exposure, and Health (Sound Designer/Mixer)

op. #8            Water Resources (Sound Designer/Mixer)

ep. #9            Biodiversity Decline (Sound Designer/Mixer)

ep. #11          Atmospheric Pollution (Sound Designer/Mixer)

2007                International Fight League (Dialog Editor)

2007                This is Nollywood (Sound Designer/Mixer)

2007                Hit or Miss (Sound Designer/Mixer)

2007                International Rescue Committee Promo. (Sound Designer/Mixer)

2007                Life is Good promotional video (Mixer)


2012 (expected)   M.S., Comparative Media Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2006-2007            Recording Arts Certificate, Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, Waltham, MA

1999-2003            B.A., Religion, Haverford College, Haverford, PA


game studies dude, sound designer, confessed baseball zealot, and lapsed quaker enthusiast